bluehost wordpress cheap web hosting 2019

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bluehost wordpress cheap web hosting 2019
Get 25 Sub Domains for $3.95:

A step-by-step guide to creating a WordPress website with Bluehost:

Bluehost is an affordable, reliable, professional, web hosting solution for WordPress. They offer one-click installs, a free domain name, automated backups, / support, and a -day money back guarantee. They are also an official WordPress-approved hosting provider. So if you’re looking for professional, dependable, affordable WordPress hosting, Bluehost is a solid bet. In this video, we’re going to set up our website using Bluehost and we’re going to do it with no steps skipped. So let’s get started. If you go to WinningWP.com/best-wordpress-hosting you will see their guide to choosing the best hosting for you. And if you scroll down to the Recommended Shared Hosting section, you’ll see a link to Bluehost, where you can get % off your first year. If you sign up for hosting through this link, WinningWP will get a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. These commissions help us to continue to create new content, like this. So, if we scroll there and then click “Bluehost”, we’ll be brought to a special offer for WordPress users. If we click “Get Started Now”, we’ll go through the sign up process. We’re going to choose the basic plan, which is $. per month. It allows us one website, gigabytes of space, unlimited bandwidth, a number of parked and sub domains, email accounts, and more. If you want to explore the other plans, like plus and prime, you’re given a lot more resources. You can get unlimited websites, unlimited space, unlimited email accounts, and more. So we’re going to click “select” under the basic plan and then we can choose to sign up with a domain name that we register through Bluehost for free or we can choose to sign up with an existing domain name. We’re going to sign up with a new domain name, and that domain is going to be “podcastmap”. In a previous video for WinningWP, we looked at the best way to figure out what domain name you should use. We also setup a number of guidelines and tools to find available domain names. After we type in our domain name we’re going to click “next” and then we’ll be brought to the registration page. You can see here that we can fill out the account information or we can use Google’s single sign on to create an account. We’re going to go through and fill out this information manually. Once we fill out that information we can go to the package information, where we can choose the package for our account plan. You’ll see that in order to get the $. per month deal, we’ll have to choose at least a month plan. When we do that, the setup fee is also waived and the primary domain registration is waived. We can also choose from a number of add-ons, like Domain Privacy Protection, which will hide our registration information or our domain from marketers. We can choose to get a backup plan, Search Engine Jumpstart, and SiteLock Security. For the purposes of this video we are going to turn all of these service off making the total amount for our plan $.. We’ll then put in our credit card information and click “submit”. Once our payment is submitted, Bluehost will present us with a few special offers that they have for us. We’re going to go ahead and click “no thanks” on these and then we’ll be brought to a page that allows us to create a password. Once we have our password and agree to the privacy policy and terms of service, we’ll click “next” and then our account will get created. Once our account’s created, we can click “login” and now we’re brought to the Bluehost onboarding process. Since we signed up specifically as a WordPress user, we are able to go through a more streamlined process for setting up our WordPress site. The first step is picking a theme that inspires us. I’m going to go ahead and pick Astra. With our theme selected, Bluehost is going to continue setting up WordPress for us. Once WordPress is set up, we can click “Start Building”. We also get a notice at the top of the screen saying that WordPress has been provisioned on a temporary domain. Because we just registered podcastmap.com, there’s going to be some time between when it was registered and when it’s ready.
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