How To Make $100k This Q4 | Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping

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This is my exact strategy for crushing Q4! It is a strategy I have used in the past to generate great results for my own Shopify dropshipping stores and is something I use consistently every Q4.

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Before learning the exact strategy, it is important to know exactly why Q4 is such a golden time period in eCommerce. Q4 is the most exciting time for eCom entrepreneurs because of the many holidays and special occasions in this time period. It is a great way to get sales easily by simply using these occasions to your advantage.

So exactly what do you do?

First things first, find appropriate products. These products should be somehow related to the specific holiday or event that is coming up soon. In the video, I mention that since Halloween is coming up, it's important to find Halloween themed products for your store. Regardless of occasion or event, start researching 4 to 8 weeks in advance.

The second thing you should do to prepare for Q4 and make 6-figures is invest time into copywriting. This means taking more time to create product descriptions or ad copies and really adding emotion to them. Along with a good ad copy, having a good website layout is crucial to success in Q4.

After this, you should focus more on the backend. This means perfecting the SMS remarketing flows, e-mail flows, facebook and google retargeting, etc. Basically focus your attention on the behind the scenes stuff that'll help you get lost sales.

All of this won't work without a proper sales advertising run. This means that 1 week prior to the actual event, you should start going all in with advertising to build

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