Magento Pricing for Successful eCommerce Store : How Much Does it Cost?

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After you plan to start your new eCommerce business online, there are different cost factors that you need to take care of. For example, establishing a perfect supply chain, picking genuine contractors, partners, planning product array, setting up an excellent delivery service, etc.It is a never-ending task list. The major concern is your budget which is very important for you as a business owner. You need to know the cost of setting up and running a Magento project. This is what every business owner wants to know before planning anything.

What are the different editions of Magento?
You may be aware of the fact that Magento comes with plenty of names, installations that change almost every year.

Pricing for Magento Open Source
It is a free edition available on the platform and is a perfect source for developers and all small business owners. You can download this version free of cost and start using it.

Magento Commerce pricing & Commerce Cloud Pricing
Magento Commerce & Magento Commerce Cloud offers enhanced and latest functionality that suits the merchants who make high revenue from their business.

Costing for Themes
If you want your e-store to look extraordinary and sophisticated, then you may not be happy just with a basic theme. In this case, you need to opt for a custom designed template of Magneto or a paid theme.

Costing for Extensions
The Magento editions come with an excellent series of extra-ordinary features that meet the needs of online retailers.

Development costs
Well, if you are a tech savvy person then you can save the costs of Magento development that you would otherwise pay an agency or a developer.Magento is not an easy platform to handle and it needs you to be an expert in programming and have in-depth knowledge of its features.

Maintenance & Support Costs
Well, the job is not done just after launching your e-commerce website but it also needs to have proper and regular maintenance & support. For your Magento eCommerce site to run smoothly and generate expected revenues, it needs to be maintained regularly.

Though it turns out to be a little bit cost effective or can fall on a little expensive side based on factors like Version for the platform chosen, Hosting option, In-house or custom development, Customization Level, Theme & extensions

The above factors actually give you a clear idea of how much it would cost to use Magento platform and how it can help your business do well and generate revenues too.

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