Podcast | Struggling with Merchant Account Options in Hong Kong or Asia?

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Are you searching up and down for Merchant Account Options in Hong Kong or other parts of Asia? This podcast was way back when Stripe was not yet available in Hong Kong. I discussed with our guest Daniel from Opencart about the struggles of entrepreneurs.

Topics covered in this episode:
• Merchant account struggles in Hong Kong
• How did you end up in Hong Kong
• Open Cart
• So your software is open source – I’m curious – how does open source monetize?
• And you want to integrate with all these payment solutions
• Are most of your clients in Hong Kong?
• Experiences with merchant accounts
• Not so good experience with Global Payments
• API issues
• Skrill is the best choice?
• What do you recommend your merchants to do?
• Why it’s so hard in Hong Kong to get a merchant account?
• Ways people can reach out to you and your business

Get to know more of Daniel Kerr:
1. Daniel’s company – OpenCart
2. Contacting Daniel Kerr
webmaster @ opencart.com

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