Simplify Your B2B and B2C Store Management on One Magento Instance

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Your B2B Buyers Deserve an Engaging Consumer Experience

Just like everyone else, B2B buyers want a consumer-like shopping environment. Now, you can create a personalized B2B experience with the feel of a B2C experience using powerful, integrated B2B eCommerce capabilities native to Magento.

Specifically designed for B2B buyers, our integrated B2B buying capabilities allow you to manage B2B commerce sites for multiple brands and channels. Your B2B buyers can self-manage company accounts, set up buyer tiers with specific roles and permissions, track quotes, view detailed order histories, and manage their credit online.

The end result is a frictionless B2B buying experience which builds customer loyalty and sustains business growth thanks to features including:

• Custom Catalogs and Pricing
Personalize the digital B2B buying experience by assigning custom catalogs and price lists to customers while targeting content and promotion to specific segments, including support for payments on account, credit cards, and alternative payment methods

• Smart Order and Inventory Management
Improve operations with integrated B2B solutions for allocating inventory and managing orders across all sales channels, while automated business rules reduce fulfillment costs and delivery times

• Friction-Free Ordering
Boost B2B eCommerce sales with fast and convenient purchasing options, letting buyers quickly place orders online by entering SKUs, uploading CSV files, or choosing items from preset requisition lists

Watch this video to learn how you can grow an engaging B2B eCommerce purchasing experience.

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Learn More at https://magento.com/solutions/b2b

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