WooCommerce: How to setup a simple subscription product?

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WooCommerce: How to setup a simple subscription product? I show you all of the steps involved in setting up a simple subscription product in Woocommerce.

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In this video tutorial you're going to learn about WooCommerce Subscriptions, how to setup a Simple Subscription in Woocommerce and more.

Setting up a Subscription make look complicated at first, but once you get through my tutotorials, it is a great way to make recurring sales to your existing customers.

With that said, there are two primary reasons to use Woocmmerce Subscriptions: Recurring billing for Digital Products (Memberships, Hosting, Monthly Software fee, etc.), and Create Recurring orders for physical products (i.e. subscribe to Dollar Shave Club to receive a razor every month).

The result is that you will be able to automatically have new orders every month from existing customers, which will only increase your recurring revenue and cash flow.

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Plugin used in this video setup Woocommerce Subscriptions:

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